Some Candy Talking.

Candy always reminds us of sweet childhood memories.

Barcelona based Papabubble makes candy creations with their own set of experiences, textures and tastes, and has since spread across the globe reviving the beauty of authentic hand-made candy.

“Designed by Japanese designer Yusuke Seki in collaboration with Spanish designer and friend Jaime Hayon, the Yokohama branch is the third of its kind in Japan and this new location brings forward some new language to the interior fit out. Previous Papabubble locations were designed based on a laboratory style in order to show the careful amalgamation of ingredients that create these delicious sweet treats. The Yokohama store however is different as it is led by the unique design values of Yusuke and Jaime into a cohesive experience that shows not only their craftsmanship but pulls the brand into a new dimension”.

The candy shop is located in an office area in Yokohama, a bay near to Tokyo in a building that is nearly half a decade old. Therefore renovations had to be made to the space and building.

“As the store space was on the street level, Yusuke Seki needed to create a connection between the urban artery and the interior experience. The white subway tile not only wraps the exteriors but actually folds within the space, giving it a consistent surface that although textured, disappears in its entirety, bringing forward the custom and unique millwork as well as the tables that Jaime Hayon designed especially for the product displays”.