Standing Tall.

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm was commissioned to create an 18-foot sculpture entitled ‘Big Kastenmann’, which is now installed in the plaza of the prominent Standard Hotel in New York.

“Wurm is well known for his quirky, humorous approach and often large-scale installations, ‘Big Kastenmann’ echos these characteristics where the name, translating to ‘big box man’ in english,  already demonstrates this. the piece is a tall cast aluminum form with brushed metal legs supporting a polished body with no head, giving the giant figure a distinct surrealist feel. The torso dons a gentlemanly jacket and is partially coated in dripping pink enamel paint”.

The work was forged in the Strassacker Foundry in sussen, germany, and is a mammoth version of the artist’s ‘Kastenmann’ from 2010.