Bike Me.

The beautifully detailed Thunderbike ‘PainTTless‘ was developed from scratch over an 8 month construction period by the motorcycle heavy weights at Harley Davidson.

The bike has just been named the AMD World Championship Of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis 2012. “We gave everything and were rewarded with the coveted world title in the Freestyle class. With one of our most unique custom bike”.

“Deep thought, planning, and preparation was put into creating the PainTTless, which is driven by a very expensive rebuilt 1000 cc Harley-Davidson Ironhead engine installed in early Sportster models. The builders were inspired by the racers of the 1930s, which often came on dry salt lakes in the U.S. are used”.

Thousands of unique parts were designed for the making of this amazing bike, and no parts came from the shelf or the catalog. So many bespoke parts were created for this project that an entire website page was created to explain them.