A new place to be.

Whether you’re being dragged around a seemingly endless mall by your better half, or you are doing the dragging, there comes a time on the spree of even the most devoted shopper when you have had enough, and the thought of the drive home sends you nauseous. Help is at hand, at least it is if you happen to be shopping in Amsterdam.

Taking the concepts of shopping centre, gallery and hotel and squishing them all together, what sounds like an ugly baby has come out rather beautifully. Hôtel Droog, conceived by the eponymous design brand, offers guests an all-in-one experience of art, green space, food, drink, design retail, fashion, beauty and accommodation under one roof, all done with an exquisite lightness of touch.

There are one or two snags, as there always are with concepts that push the boundaries, such as the fact the hotel only has one bedroom, but we won’t quibble at mere details like whether you can actually stay there when the idea is so fine and the realisation so stylish.