3D Printed Animation?

We are slightly obsessed with 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping right now. The technology is advancing all the time, and we truly believe that this is opening up a whole new world of design possibilities. We recently saw an article on new generation 3D Printers that can print in almost any material you can think of… precious metals, glass, steel, etc… We were then even further blown away when we read about new advances in the medical industry using Rapid Prototyping to, believe it or not, PRINT new organs using human cells for people in need of transplants.

Anyway… There’s been a lot of talk about possible applications for 3D Printing, but Johnny Kelly’s new TV titles are the first time we’ve seen it used in animation

The title sequence is for Dutch TV programme ‘Het Klokhuis’ (The Apple Core). Agency KesselsKramer commissioned Johnny Kelly and artist Jethro Haynes to collaborate and make this sequence which will air for the first time next week. “It was really interesting to collaborate with Jethro,” Kelly tells us, “and we made the apple shapes using 3D printing which was very exciting, as I’d never tried this out before.”