Here for you.

In December 2009, we teamed up with Hong Kong based company ‘Hilton Qiu Products’ to collaborate on a series of products that we will be releasing throughout this year. Hilton Qiu is a specialist manufacturer of limited edition luxury products, one off items and bespoke personal accessories. The first collaborative project between Design is a good idea and Hilton Qiu was the ‘Helvetical’ calendar/sketchpad that we released as a numbered edition of 100 in December. We are currently in production with our second project, the very limited ‘Millisecond’ vase series, which is available to pre-order now.

These are some of the logos and marks we created for the Hilton Qiu brand, which are used on everything from T-shirt labels, to price tags. Look out for more soon, because Hilton Qiu is here for you.