Wood is good.

Apart from the work of pioneers like KAWS and Michael Lau, we have kinda lost interest in the ‘Urban Vinyl’ and ‘Designer Toy’ scenes.

There are just far too many unoriginal pieces floating around, and other than Medicom’s classic Be@rbrick series, everyone doing ‘Capsule Toys’ are really just repeating the same old ideas.

Our toy interest was just reinvigorated by these cute little wooden pieces by Johannesburg based designers Rowan Toselli and Lorne Schnugh.

Hand made from indigenous woods, and hand painted, these have a unique organic feel to them that we often miss in the over saturated plastic scene.

We’re happy to be stocking these at our store in limited quantities, so please pop in and have a look.

In the words of the designers, “Wooden toys have always been a talking point with us. We have been dreaming and planning them for sometime. However it all started with a university assignment, where I had to create a figure of some sort. I used this opportunity and created Frank, the last unihorn. He eats unicorns and sadly is the last of his kind”.

“Our wooden toys, are unique designs, that are hand crafted. Each one is different. Monsters are just misunderstood”.

Frank & Guh.

Frank: The Last Uni-horn.

Guh is a little person in a monsters suit, in search of a hug. He is made from a piece of Jacaranda wood, combined with porcupine quills for his tail and horn mohawk, with a metal bar for his arm’s, and 2 big horns.

Monsters are just misunderstood.


  1. Kat wrote:

    these little guys are great. nice to see some original wooden toys coming from SA. only thing, jacaranda is NOT indigenous. in fact im not sure if you are actually allowed to plant them any more… maybe turning them into toy is the right idea?

  2. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Thanks Kat. Yes, I remember reading that Jacaranda’s aren’t actually indigenous… but what would Joburg be without the Purple Rain in spring? ;)

  3. Jenna wrote:

    these toys are beautiful.

    even though i love vinyl toys, i always have an appreciation for an old-school approach to organically made play things, like wooden trains and dollhouses.

    and the fact that guh is made from jacaranda wood makes me miss home, and the annual purple rain too.

    wood is definitely good :)

  4. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Sorry you miss home Jenna. :) Come back for spring.

  5. Kat wrote:

    jacarandas are awesome, i need one here with me in barcelona to remind me of home. wouldnt be cool if you could have a toy like that, that bloomed purple :D

  6. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Nice idea. :)

  7. candice-lee wrote:

    Please contact me on 083 321 8812. My husband desperately want’s one of your toys for Xmas!

  8. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Please contact the toy designer Lorne at this address: schnugh@gmail.com
    Our store is no longer open.