More than illusion.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Design is a good idea will now be ‘The Official South African Sole Distributor’ of John Brauers awesome range of products designed and produced for Essey® in Germany.

His ‘Illusion’ and ‘Grand Illusion’ side tables have been some of the most popular and inspiring products in our store since we launched last year, and it really is an honour to now be Essey’s official distribution partner in South Africa.

For more information and images, visit the John Brauer/Essey® page on our site, or contact us at:

The ‘Illusion’ and ‘Grand Illusion’ side tables (Ice versions).

The ‘Bin Bin’ waste baskets (in White, Black and Red).

The ‘Mini Bin Bin’ mini-waste basket (in White only).

The ‘Pen Pen’ stationary containers (in White, Black and Red).

The ‘Wipey’ tissue box containers (in White, Black and Red).