High Tech Africa.

Mark Pritchard is a genius.

A name that many people may not know… Pritchard was an important part of the first wave of ‘electronic’ musicians in the early nineties.

Alongside others like Aphex Twin, LFO, The Black Dog, Autechre, etc… his early work as ‘Reload’ still sounds 20 years ahead of it’s time, and his ‘Global Communication’ and ‘Jedi Knights’ releases are still classics.

After a long absence, he returned last year with (amongst other things), an amazing remix of DJ Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’, which was the very first South African release ever put out by the legendary Warp Records.

Mark Pritchard has now teamed up with Steve Spacek under the new name ‘Africa High Tech’, and the snippets of their new release (out next week) on the Warp website sound fantastic!

Nice to hear you again Mr. Pritchard.

Seeing a South African flag on Warp’s iconic Pantone® 265c Purple sleeve always makes me smile.


  1. Reyals wrote:

    well, I like the front cover. rear cover? NO! horrible. seriously. will check out the music though…

  2. Design is a good idea wrote:

    This isn’t the ‘final’ artwork…. the rear cover I think you are referring to is the 12 inch sleeve for the DJ Mujava single. The South African flag uses one of the ugliest colour combinations I have ever seen… but it’s nice to see it in a Warp sleeve. ;)

  3. Reyals wrote:

    Indeed, the flags colours are a difficult combination to use. but always make for an interesting challenge…

    I take it the circle in the middle is a cut out in the sleeve? I’m not familiar with the warp brand, but from that perspective it does make sense

    I think the typography could be better done on the single’s label… just a thought ;) still love the other artwork!

  4. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Warp are an electronic music label that have been around since the early nineties… their 12inch single sleeves have always been like this: Purple, with a cutout hole for the label. It’s a very simple design (one of the first designs ever by The Designers Republic™), that has become kind of legendary and iconic to fans of the Warp Label. The other artwork you like is for a ‘proper’ full length album release.