Recreating daylight.

The works of the young Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken were exhibited in Salone Satellite 2010 Milan.

“Impressed by the nature of natural daylight Rybakken explores the stimulating effects of daylight through the use of artificial lighting. Having studied carefully the principles of daylight within a given space this young designer has examined through intensive research the “signs” which natural lighting provides to the human mind. Through a thorough study of daylight Rybakken developed a total of seven different lighting design projects from 2007 – 2010″.

“These projects not only enhance the space which someone is found in, but also enhance the mood and the psyche of Northern countries which do not enjoy the abundance of natural day light. Living in Scandinavia has without a doubt influenced Rybakken on his experimentation with daylight. For long time periods throughout the year, Scandinavians enjoy limited natural lighting; the concept is targeted for Scandinavian users especially. However, it does not limit it from being used as a design object in any other space”.