Rolling with your homies.

Without a doubt the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while…

This genius bookshelf/reading nook by designer Zhdanova Irina would make a statement in any home or child’s room. Functionally, it’s composed of seven elements; six sofa sections connect in a circle while the bookshelf structure can be blocked up for stability. Hit the jump to see the inner sofa sections separated and why this is probably a better chair storage solution than a bookshelf.

We are trying very hard to stock these in our store as soon as they are out of the ‘prototyping’ phase.


  1. Joe wrote:

    I want one! lol ^_^’

  2. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Me too. ;)

  3. Why does the red one look like it’s leaning to the back… what is supporting it behind?

  4. Design is a good idea wrote:

    The red one is just a CG rendering… I think that’s why it looks a bit odd.