Counting every millisecond.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a porcelain vase exploded in slow motion? Using virtual simulations, this vase was modeled in 3D and then destroyed one frame at a time. The three dimensional data was captured at various ‘Millisecond’ intervals throughout the explosion, and the vases are then produced using the latest 3D Printing technology and Rapid Prototyping. Designed by Bruce Cowie in collaboration with Hong Kong based luxury goods company Hilton Qiu, Each vase is limited to 5 pieces worldwide. The 4 different ‘Millisecond’ versions will be available exclusively through the Design is a good idea showroom at 44 Stanley.

Visit the Pre-order section of our website to reserve this very limited piece, or for further information, contact:

Version 1: (0:00:00:04 Milliseconds after impact).

Version 2: (0:00:00:08 Milliseconds after impact).

Version 3: (0:00:00:12 Milliseconds after impact).

Version 4: (0:00:00:16 Milliseconds after impact).


  1. Derek wrote:

    Frikken beautiful.

  2. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Thank you. :)