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One of the saddest news stories in 2009 was the announcement from Ian Anderson that The Designers Republicâ„¢ would be shutting their doors for good. TDRâ„¢ were without a doubt one of the most important graphic design studio’s in history. My decision to study graphic design in 1995 was 100% inspired by the beautiful work that TDRâ„¢ were producing for Warp Records.

We recently heard the great news that Ian is in the process of relaunching The Designers Republicâ„¢, and the even better news is that his first new project is this awesome packaging for the brand new Autechre album ‘Oversteps’.

Autechre’s music was always the perfect match for TDRâ„¢’s artwork, and this is like a very special little trip down memory lane. We can’t wait for this release, and even though Design is a good idea is not a music store, we will be stocking this in our shop for the artwork alone!

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  1. Design is a good idea wrote:

    Now if we could just get Aphex Twin to release something new, TDR™ could do something great for him too. :)